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Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD)

Continuing from the 2009 Food Standards Agency (FSA) initiative to develop a calorie labeling scheme for the catering industry, the government have launched a Public Health Responsibility Deal to encourage caterers to provide nutritional information to customers.

A key Responsibility Deal initiative is the introduction of calorie information in high street food outlets. People will now be able to see calories on menus and menu boards and be in a better position to consider healthier choices.

Additional pledges include reformulating recipes to provide lower fat, salt, artificial Trans Fatty Acids and calorie content of meals. A new collective pledge on calorie reduction was announced on 24th March 2012 with some of the world’s biggest food and drink manufacturers and best known brands making commitments to cut and cap calories. More than three-quarters of the retail market has signed up. For more information CLICK HERE

See who has joined

Many companies have signed up to the initiative including Harvester Pubs, Mc Donald’s, The Compass Catering Group, Tescos and Sainsburys, with the expectation that nutritional information will be on display in 5000 outlets by the end of the year.

See who has joined up: Government Public Health Responsibility Deal

  • Menu Matters has already provided calorie and full G.D.I. information to restaurants participating in the initiative.
  • We can work with your company to provide the information you require for your restaurant menus.
  • We are also able to undertake recipe and menu development work to help with cost reduction programmes, or to achieve specific nutritional targets, such as to reduce salt or saturated fat levels.

New Food Labelling Laws Have Been Introduced: FIR

New food labelling laws came into force on 13th Dec 2014 (FIR) These include changes to ingredient declarations including allergen labelling and mandatory nutritional labelling for most pre-packed food.  You can view details of the regulation by clicking here:  New food labelling regulation published |

  • Menu Matters can analyse recipes to provide you an allergen report.

* We can provide full nutritional or FOP nutritional information for your packaging or products.

What can Menu Matters do for your business?

Provide nutritional information to put on your menu

  • Help to ensure that you comply to Government guidelines and regulations, e.g. Public Heath Responsibility Deal (PHRD) or FIR
  • Advise on how to implement GDI (Guideline Daily Intake) labelling on recipes
  • Full nutritional or Front of Pack (FoP) labelling – Calorie information, Fat (including saturated fat), and salt levels
  • Allergen labelling

Calorie info

Advise on nutritional claims that you may be able to make

  • E.g. Low fat/ low salt/ low sugar.
  • A good source of fibre/ vitamin C/ provides x portions of your “5 a day”
  • A healthy option

Analyse your menus and advise on how to make them healthier

  • Nutritional analysis
  • Recipe development work to help achieve particular nutritional targets
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
  • Menu planning

Re-vamp your children’s menus

  • Children’s meals should meet recommended guidelines
  • Menu planning
  • Identify cost reduction opportunities
  • This would ensure that children’s meals are not too high in fat and salt while maintaining levels of protein, carbohydrate and other essential nutrients

If your business wants to sign up to the Public Health Responsibility Deal pledge and needs a dedicated company to analyse your meals and menus and provide you with an easy to read guide for your customers, then contact Menu Matters today:

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