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Recipe Analysis & Menu Labelling

Menu Analysis and Advice for Restaurants, Schools, Nurseries, Care Homes, Restaurants & Food Outlets

Menu Matters is a specialist organisation whose sole aim is to provide sensible, practical, economic solutions to help improve nutritional standards for restaurants, schools, nurseries, care homes, food outlets and caterers. We provide nutritional and calorie information and guidance for balanced menu planning for businesses and organisations, within the food and leisure industries.

Responsible Restauranteurs, Caterers & Food Outlets

  • Have you signed up to the government Responsibility Deal Initiative or do you need help signing up?
  • Do you want to put calorie counts onto menus?
  • Do you need to reduce salt or fat levels in your menus?
  • Does the healthy eating message give you an advantage in your market place?
  • Are you aware of the calorie counts, fat, saturated fat, sugar and salt levels -Guideline Daily Intake (GDI) in your recipes?
  • Can you gain a competitive advantage through offering independently verified nutritional quality?
  • Do you need help with the EU FIR (Food Information for customers Regulations): Front of Pack (FoP) nutritional labelling or allergen labelling?

A healthy balanced diet and regular physical activity are essential for children’s health and well being. Reasearch confirms that healthy eating habits in the years before school are very important because they influence growth, development and academic achievement in later life.

Ensuring that children eat well in their early years is key to ensuring that they achieve their potential, and help them from becoming overweight and obese. This approach also helps to reduce the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers in later life.

Why are Nutritional guidelines needed for nursery food?

  • Studies have highlighted that the diet of many under-5s is deficient in several important nutrient
  • With 1 in 5 children starting school obese, childhood obesity is becoming an increasing problem in the UK
  • Diet is linked to success in early years.

Do you need help to ensure that your menu meets nutritional guidelines set by the Children’s Food Trust?

Do you need help with compiling the allergen information required for your menus?


  • Are you seeing the benefit in classrooms of a nutritionally balanced menus?
  • Do they meet the Government School Food Standards introduced on 1st January 2015?
[/list] Care Homes
  • Are you fully catering for the individuals in your care and ensuring that your menu meets their nutritional needs?

Menu Matters can help...

From nurseries to schools, through to catering organisations and restaurants, we can analyse your menus and recipes and provide the following:

  • Support with nutritional labelling guidelines and regulations
  • Recipe labelling – calorie information, fat, sugar and salt plus % GDI values
  • Menu planning
  • Nutritional analysis
  • Cost reduction opportunities
Not only will we help you to improve your current menu in terms of healthy eating, we will create cost effective recipes and menus without compromising on flavour, to help save you money in the long term.

Menu Matters provides advice for Nurseries and Schools on how to meet nutritional guidelines.  Also calorie counts for restaurants and all other food service organisations to display on their menus.

By reviewing current menus and recipes Menu Matters can then reduce any currently unhealthy contents from your menu and advise you of any foods that you could possibly include to meet Government and health regulations.

Contact Us:

Send us your recipes and we will provide you with the nutritional information you specify, in a user-friendly format ready to go on your menus.